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Does Your Car Need Some TLC?

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Does Your Car Need Some TLC?

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Tips on Choosing a Quality Auto Repair Shop

There are several different levels of service one can expect from an auto repair shop. At the very top are service centers, which are offered by new car dealerships. These mechanics will be trained by one major car designer so they are familiar with specific car models and are able to get their hands on original factory parts. However, the biggest problem with this type of auto service is their expense. Unless your vehicle is still under warranty or your insurance is prepared to cover all repair charges, labor and parts charges will be much greater at these shops.

auto repair shop in Garland, TXThe next type of auto service is located in local private garages or chains. Make sure you look for certificates in training – these are generally located in waiting areas or behind the service counter. Private commercial auto services employ certified mechanics that actually enjoy the work that they do.

Since these shop is not connected with any specific auto manufacturer, these mechanics are free to use salvaged or after-market parts whenever possible. Their labor charges will also be less, due to the fact the mechanic only bills for clock hours, instead of the official estimated time shown in auto repair books.

However, the cheapest of them all are shade tree mechanics. Some individuals enjoy repairing cars as a side line, so you can negotiate deal with one in order to save money. If you don’t need your vehicle repaired fast and you’re not overly concerned with quality workmanship, this type of mechanic is one avenue to go down. There are also brake repair services run by students and instructors in local community or technical schools. You can donate your vehicle to one in exchange for greatly reduced labor fees.

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