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Is Your Car Due for Its First Service?

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Is Your Car Due for Its First Service?

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How to Find a Reputable Auto Repair Shop

Auto-Repair-ShopIn a world where not many people know anything about the inner workings of their vehicle, it’s good to know how to locate the right auto repair shop to keep your vehicle running smoothly and safely for years to come. Using a few tips, you’ll be able to find a professional in no time.

To begin with, research the various automotive certifications. A reputable auto mechanic should be ASE Certified and will have a certification showing what areas they are proficient in.

Also, look for affiliation signs. AAA certifies some repair shops – one they have examined their credentials and policies, and they will show a list of these on their website.

Ask around, family, friends and colleagues that have cars, and get them serviced regularly, ask them what they think about their mechanic.

Read all online reviews, and obtain overall impressions; however, remember some reviewers here and there could be unreasonable, dishonest, or just grumpy, so try not to take all reviews at face value.

Investigate procedures, Internet sites and discussions will offer sanity checks on prices and the reasons behind some repairs. Keep in mind that prices can vary from place to place and significantly from car to car, and sometimes things will go bad unexpectedly.

Check out your local shops, drive past and check out their facilities. Be on the look out for clean, and tidy grounds and work areas. Grounds that are full of cars that are being worked is not a bad thing. Take stock of the makes, quality and quantity of the other cars. Should you drive an old Ford truck and the only cars you see around are rusted out old buckets in the parking lot, then maybe this is not the auto repair shop for you.

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