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How to Determine If It’s Time to Bring Your Vehicle to a Reputable Auto Repair Shop

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How to Determine If It’s Time to Bring Your Vehicle to a Reputable Auto Repair Shop

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The engine is the heart of your vehicle. Even a minor problem with your engine can render your entire car inoperable. So, in order to avoid a major car malfunction, you should keep an eye open for all the signs that your engine might be in trouble. This way, you’ll be able to schedule a visit to your local auto repair shop long before your vehicle gets the chance to leave you stranded on the road.

Here are some of the most common signs of engine failure
auto repair workEngine light
All modern cars are equipped with an engine failure light. When this light comes on, you should stop immediately. Since the light is generic, it can signal any sort of engine problem. It can be something as simple as a loose oil cap, or as dangerous as a leaking engine body. Since you can’t really tell the exact problem the light is signaling, you should not drive the vehicle until the issue is inspected and repaired by a specialist.

Oil leak
Oil plays a crucial role in the smooth operation of your engine. Thanks to oil’s ability to reduce friction between moving parts, your engine can run as long as a million miles. But, without oil, no engine will run more than a couple of hours. Even then, the damage caused by the lack of lubrication can be irreparable. So, every time you pull out of your garage, driveway or parking spot, take a look under your car for any signs of oil leaks. If any, schedule a visit to your auto repair shop.

Unusual noises
Every engine has its own repertoire of sounds. However, if you notice anything unusual in the way your engine sounds, then you should have it inspected. A squeaking noise can indicate that one of your engine’s belts is loose, worn out, or broken. A grinding noise can indicate that your engine needs an oil change.

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